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Healthy Relationships - Welcome to the Community of the Trinity

Since April I have been working on a series of messages about building healthy, satisfying relationships. Full disclosure....I am not a relationship expert. I have never been particularly skilled in developing healthy relationships. I grew up in a family that had it's share of relational dysfunction. My wife, Joni, is my lifelong helpmate in terms of pursuing good relationships. She has modeled healthy relationships for me, but I still have a long way to grow! I dearly love the people God has placed in my life and want to live as well-connected to them as I possibly can! So, I asked the Lord to give me truth that would take my relationships to the next level.

When I began researching how to build healthy, satisfying relationships, I sought wisdom and inspiration where I always find it....the Bible! God's Word is the ultimate authority for every aspect of life, but especially for developing healthy and satisfying relationships. The series (13 weeks in all) is entitled, "Healthy Relationships - Welcome to the Community of the Trinity." It has helped me more than I imagined it would. And it has been well-received by our church family.

Someone suggested to me that I should write another book. I can't afford to do that, but the Spirit whispered in my mind, "Why don't you just give it away?!" So, I thought I would just put it out on FB. Anyone who needs some relational guidance and/or assistance from the God who made you, can find it here on my FB page, for the next 13 weeks. Contemporary marriages, families, churches, friends, and communities certainly seem to be in need of unity, kindness and improved communication! So, tune in next week for the first offering, "The Love Bridge". (Luke 23:32-43) And if you can stay focused long enough to process it, let me know what you think/how it helps you! Blessings!

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