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Why Bother?

I haven’t written a blog post for a long time. In fact, that’s exactly how I started the last one! �

Do you know why? I don’t know if anybody reads them. I don’t get any feedback from the

website indicating the posts have been read… why bother?! None of us wants to waste our

time doing something no one else really cares about. So, maybe I won’t write another post for

another year, and probably no one will care??

Aren’t you glad God isn’t like me?! He gave us the Bible, his perfect word, knowing that many

of his children wouldn’t bother to read it. And that even among those who do read it, some

wouldn’t put it into practice. Yet, still he gave us that amazing truth. He speaks to us by his Spirit

daily. He loves us and blesses us and cares for us every day, whether we notice or not! Isn’t that

amazing?!? I guess that’s why we call his favor given to us through Jesus…..‘amazing grace!’ If

you haven’t given God any feedback in a while, why not bow your head and do it now. He will

really appreciate it! (John 3:16; Romans 8:38, 39) And if you happen to read this post….let me

know! �

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